Beef – however you like it at our Colette restaurant

Beef – however you like it at our Colette restaurant

You have a craving for delicious meat, beautifully prepared and artfully seasoned? A paradise for hungry foodies: beef lovers will be in their element at restaurant Colette, Saint-Tropez!


Discover the many flavours of beef

At Colette restaurant we are delighted to offer prime beef to suit every palate. Our talented chef, Patrick Cuissard is a beef connoisseur who has taken the world’s favourite meat to a new level. We offer a range of tasty meals for your enjoyment; you’ll find French beef from Normandie and Salers herds and also some of the most prestigious foreign breeds such as USA Black Angus, Scottish Aberdeen Angus, the famous 8+ matured Wagyu, Simmental, Herdshire and Galicia on our à la carte menu. Explore the full range of flavours via expertly prepared steaks and fillets. 


Outstanding meats that are prepared with flair and excellence

Chef Patrick Cuissard is a passionate innovator who effortlessly combines tradition and modernity in the Colette restaurant kitchen. Each piece of beef will be prepared with care and attention to detail, and according to your preferences. Wood-fired, tartare, or grilled are just some of your options, and the quality and presentation of each meal will delight your senses and your taste buds. 


A chic and stylish setting

The sumptuous Colette restaurant, bathed in sunlight or the soft glow of evening, offers a fabulous setting for a memorable meal. Enjoy the blue sky reflected on our majestic pool on the terrace or revel in the refined and friendly atmosphere created by the large windows and contemporary style décor indoors.
For lunch or dinner, whether dining on your own or as a couple, with family or friends or with business associates, the restaurant offers the ideal setting for a meal that is guaranteed to be truly excellent.



Restaurant Colette, the somptuous restaurant of Sezz Saint-Tropez