All the flavours of olive oil

All the flavours of olive oil

We regularly talk about the food producers with whom our chef Nicolas Gautier likes to work, but we’ve never mentioned a certain star of sauces, salads and seasonings. The culinary celebrity who can help to create a flurry of flavours with just a few drops and whose golden hue is symbolic of Mediterranean cuisine. Today’s special guest is… olive oil.


An oil from the Provençal soil

As he is so passionate about local produce, it’s natural that our chef wanted an olive oil originating in Provence... And he found it in the heart of the Alpilles mountain range! In Baux-de-Provence, to be precise, where the beautiful valley is very conducive to the cultivation of olive trees and where Xavier Alazard, founder of Carré des Huiles, cultivates the rich land and uses his family savoir-faire to create superb olive oils with aromas of rough and generous soils, sometimes light as the almond blossom, sometimes strong like the mistral.


A whole palette of natural olive oils

These olive oils are produced in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, with a focus on quality and a commitment to the locality. All of this is part of Xavier's DNA. In his care the olive trees can grow naturally, extend their gnarled branches, and keep their leaves and fruits free of chemicals to produce beautiful olives that are harvested by hand.


A Protected Designation of Origin product

From the treasures on offer, our chef chose the ‘Fruité Noir’, made with the greatest respect for tradition and matured for several days. Very tasty, long in the mouth, it’s characterised by aromas of cocoa, leaven, candied olives, truffle and tapenade. Exquisitely balanced so it can be enjoyed on a slice of good toast and in the divine dishes of the Restaurant Colette.



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