A summer show around the barbecue

A summer show around the barbecue

Summer after summer, its success goes from strength to strength. Our barbecue is the hub of summer repasts, the undisputed star of the Restaurant Colette of the Hotel Sezz Saint-Tropez. It stands on the terrace, at the edge of the swimming pool, amidst typically Mediterranean vegetation and offers a mouth-watering summer evening culinary show that takes place before your very eyes before delighting your taste buds.


A tradition and know-how from elsewhere

The Sezz barbecue owes its success to a technique inherited from Argentinean ‘asadors’ and brought back to our beautiful Var coast. Asado is a culinary art, an ancient grilling technique based on a perfect knowledge of cuts of meat, the temperature required for cooking them to perfection and the art of the condiments that accompany the delicious results.


Exceptional meat from fine breeds

The secret to successful grilling is, of course, the quality of the meat. At the Restaurant Colette, this is chosen with the greatest care and so you are able to savour the delights of exceptional meat such as Galicia and Aubrac beef, sausages au couteau, duck breast, Iberian presca pork and Chuck Flap Black Angus from the United States. All these meats are deliciously marinated in sauces for which only the chef has the secret. Combine this with fabulous accompanying flavours from here and elsewhere and you have heaven on your plate. Grilled dishes are served with the traditional South American sauce, chimichurri, or with more traditional sauces such as bearnaise, choron or green peppercorn.

Make yourself comfortable on the beautiful terrace surrounded by its olive tree, with an alluring view of the pool and let yourself be seduced by the magic of our barbecue! If you prefer seafood, you’ll be delighted to know that Japanese amberjack is also on the culinary agenda!