A Portrait of Philippe COLINET, new chef of the Colette

A Portrait of Philippe COLINET, new chef of the Colette

Both the Sezz Saint Tropez and its Colette restaurant have assembled an enthusiastic, creative and highly qualified team. This month, we are happy to introduce our new chef Philippe COLINET. Here, in a few question-and-answer exchanges, you can discover the portrait of a passionate man who loves his job.


- What are the culinary experiences that had the most impact on your gastronomic signature today?

My first culinary experience was a dinner at the Hotel Meurice in Paris when Yannick Alleno was still the chef. Some 15 years later I can still remember the menu and the flavours. This is what we call a true culinary experience!
Another formative experience was when I arrived in Saint-Tropez 6 years ago and met Arnaud Donckele, who was at La Pinède at the time. It was an incredible dinner, of course, but above all it was a meeting with a passionate and committed man of sincere kindness. It was through him that I was able to meet my future suppliers of local produce, with whom I was able to set up a real culinary signature.


- What kind of environment would you like to establish at the Sezz restaurant?

I want to establish a kitchen environment supplied with the best produce, using local providers like Rémy, my fisherman in Cavalaire, Yann my market gardener in Cogolin and many others.
I like to create a pure, natural, tasty cuisine which obviously respects the seasonality of the produce, along with a few personal touches like pigeon from Touraine, a region where I spent most of my adolescence.
A cuisine based on meetings and experiences, too.


- What is your signature dish?

My Famous Oyster, which I’ve been making for almost 10 years. In each place I work, I put it on the menu. This dish started from the fact that I did not initially appreciate the oyster. So, I worked it my way, cooked on the grill with a touch of modernity and the right ingredients. I recommend it to all my clients and the feedback is always very positive.


- Why did you choose to join the Colette's team?

I’m delighted to be a part of the Hotel Sezz. The place is well in keeping with my personal ethos due to its clean lines and designer furniture. I like challenges. I want to have a great adventure with my teams.



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